the thermal story

Sometimes we are left in the blues but we need not forget blue is the third color. It is good to collect some of it. The bed I am sleeping in is deep sky blue and this man to whom this initially belong will always say I gave him blues. Is he an enemy defaming me of giving him unbearable pain? No he’s not, in fact he’s so fond of me his breathing becomes more easy(ANS is so much dependent on love) and swift as I lay my head on his chest and thus make him carry my dead load. He’s an engineer too and unlike me he’s a real one. His speciality is let say warmth, he talks about the sky all the time, he has love for moon (more for the Paris moon I think) and thinks about warmth all while ,told you his speciality is warmth. He teaches his pupil things I would rather prefer not to understand. Those are not my things but he’s mine. So I claim all the rights over his warmth, the emotional warmth. He was cold, dead cold for thousand days. I would never imagine he could be studying warmth in school. And how to harness the power of love and warmth to create a cycle of energy, the cycle of energy harnessed with love from warmth never diminishes, it’s forever new, it comes with the guarantee and warranty of lasting after forever ends. We call it renewable. Yet how he chose to not understand its philosophy. Philosophy is boring? oh but we live in the age where minimum survival standard is being at least the student of philosophy (why otherwise you think there is so much rushing of PhD?). So this lover of warmth and me rather decided to keep his lady in cold. As lifeless as she could get. He put me in exile. My crime was that I had the power of melting the deadly ice. And he didn’t believe in power of warmth (see that dual mind). Warmth is forever, warmth is new. Embrace it or the world shall freeze only keep the fire out. If you suppress the warmth it may burst one day and world may perish. Don’t let people turn blue in cold and dark those who love you let them glow in light and warmth. Love and warmth are never weaknesses these are our only true strength.

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